Microsoft Unveils, Will Eventually Replace Hotmail

Microsoft’s latest move to counter the rising popularity of Gmail among Internet users comes in the form of a preview of its new web service, which will eventually replace Hotmail. Here’s a quick rundown of its new features:


Cleaner, More Streamlined User Interface

Users will see a fresh, clean interface where there is 60% fewer pixels and 30% more message visibility in their inboxes. Microsoft also makes it a point to do away with display ads or large search boxes that take up unnecessary space. uses Exchange ActiveSync, which powers your mail, calendar, and people experience on the smartphone, tablet and the new Outlook 2013 preview.


Integration with Social Networks

Recognizing the increasing importance of social networks as tools for people to share and communicate, Microsoft is the first to provide an email service that is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and soon Skype, to make calls from inside This means that your contact list is always up-to-date with photos of your friends, status updates and tweets. also gives you the power to control your experience – what you share, the networks you connect to, and your personal information.


Smarter and More Powerful Inbox will automatically sort out your messages from contacts, newsletters, shipping updates and social updates. The Sweep feature enables the user to move, delete, and set up rules in a few, simple clicks so that you can navigate faster around the interface.

Office Web Apps is included as a free add-on, which allows you to to view and edit Office documents from within the email service itself. is also integrated with Microsoft’s SkyDrive, making it convenient to send files from the cloud storage service without worrying about attachment limits.


Emphasis on Privacy and User Control 

Microsoft assures you that it will not scan your email content or attachments, and sell these information to third parties. Ads will not be shown in personal conversations as well. You are free to customize your inbox according to your preferences by creating your own folders, categories and rules. provides virtually unlimited storage with industry-leading spam protection and world class security.

Chris Jones, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Live said, which builds off the power of the Outlook people have long used on their PCs and Macs, has a fresh, clean user interface that gets the clutter out of inboxes and takes away display ads and large search boxes, and works well with smartphones, tablets, and the new Outlook 2013 Preview., Microsoft’s new cloud mail service, has a fresh and intuitive design, enriches conversations by connecting to Facebook and Twitter, and provides a smart inbox with the power of Office and SkyDrive.


Photo emails are brought to life with slideshows that launch directly out of with one click.


Skype will be coming to soon, so people can video call Skype or Outlook friends, even if neither have the Skype client installed.


For an up-to-date address book, the latest contact info that friends share on Facebook and LinkedIn is integrated into offers a clean, easy way to edit documents from the Inbox. In this example, a family’s budget is shown in Excel. offers the ability to open, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from anywhere with full fidelity.


From anywhere on, customers like Matt Millmann (shown here) can chat with friends who are using Facebook Chat or Outlook.


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