Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

gmail-logoIf you has use Gmail everyday and checking your Gmail is a important task for you. Then you may faced a lot of problem trying to multitask your email checking process by viewing more then one panes in difference browser window to read or reply your message.

If you are facing this problem, then the new features that launched by Gmail Labs will help you to solve this problem. The new launched features is called “Multiple Inboxes”.

Multiple Inboxes allow to you view multiple label in difference panes at the same time. As a result, you can have the quick view for your important labels such as Starred, draft, or your custom lebel at the same time.

How to enable this features?

  1. Go to Labs in your Gmail
  2. Enable “Multiple Inboxes” and save from the list of Labs options
  3. Restart to browser and login to your Gmail again to get the new features enable
  4. To set the panes, go to the Gmail Settings menu and select “Multiple Inboxes”
  5. Create up to 5 different panes to show in your Gmail home page
  6. is a somewhat a tedious process as you will have to manually enter the Gmail ‘code’ of each label.

No doubt, this is one of the nice features that provided by Gmail which may help you to easily manage and dealing with your email. When I first saw the word of “Multiple Inboxes”, I’m thinking of Gmail allow us to dealing with multiple email account, but after try it out the new features by myself, only I understand better that this is Multiple INBOXES features but not Multiples ACCOUNT features.

Still waiting for Multiples ACCOUNT features will be in Gmail.

Multiple Inboxes in your Gmail webmail
Multiple Inboxes in your Gmail webmail

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