New domain name – tech.david-cheong.com


Last weekend I found out that my site no longer accessible, after few email conversation with the hosting company tech support, then only found out that my tech.david-cheong.net domain name has been expire.

Domain name expire is not a big issue actually, but the big issue is that the domain name is not registered by my self, so I cannot renew it or recover it. Besides that, after I keep in touch with the registrar company (1 & 1 Internet Ltd) they require for USD 40 just to recover my domain name.

Because I’m just blog for hobby, so there is no point for me to just get a domain name with USD 40. Imediately I decide to register another new domain name – david-cheong.com (it only cost me MYR 40, about 3.5 times cheaper then recover back my old domain name)

There are good and bad thing for a old site with the new domain name. The bad thing is all the SEO link will become broken and most of the reader will not get directed to my site from that link.

The good thing of that is I need to redo all the SEO stuff, after learning from all the SEO guru around the world, is time for me to apply my learning into the practical.

Anyway, today will start with all the inbound link creation and also the forum posting to announce my new domain name


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