New Interface for Google Calculator

Google launch another new interface for their product – Google Calculator. Just type any calculation query in the Google search box such as [52-98], than you will get another new thing more than the result, which is the mini-calculator with the real buttons for digits, arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions.


It’s certainly more efficient to just type the expression you want to calculate, but some people might prefer the traditional buttons. They can search for [calculator] and use the new Google Calculator interface.


It’s worth noting that Google’s calculator doesn’t mimic a standard pocket calculator: you can enter a long expression with multiple operations and Google doesn’t display the result until you press the “=” button. This way, you can enter “3+3*3” and still get the proper result. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t press the “1” button and then the “sin” button to compute sin(1), you should press the “sin” button first and then enter the argument of the function. There’s no persistent “clear” button, but you can long-press the “delete” button.

I found out one thing that may not user friendly on the desktop is you can only use the mouse to click on the button in order to use the calculator, but when come to the mobile devices such as iPhone, Android mobile or tabled, it’s very useful.

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