Optimizing your site for search engine

seo logoJandrick from Live Search Webmaster Center has recommend some of the wonderful tips that we may need to take into a consideration in order to optimize our web site for the search engine.

Here are some of his tips for all the webmaster:

  • Canonicalization/Normalization. That means exposing URL per piece of content to the engines.

  • Add or remove the trailing /
    • TO

  • Remove the index or default
    • TO
    • TO

  • Avoid CamelCase — convert your text to lower case
    • TO

  • Remove query string variables or rewrite to readable URLs
    • TO

  • Remove Port Numbers
    • TO

  • Avoid exposing secure HTTPS version
    • https://tech.david-cheong.net/en/us/ TO

There are still a lot of tips given by Jandrick at the Microsoft Webmaster central blog

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