Packet One Networks extends its 4G network in Malaysia

Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) has recently announced that their 4G network is currently available in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and in East Malaysia.

According to the company, the communities in these regions have been relying on prepaid data to access the Internet on their smartphones, which isn’t adequate enough to access business, education and entertainment-related content online without experiencing disruption.

“Customers in the East Coast and East Malaysia access the Internet similar to the way we in the urban areas do. However, their online activities are constrained by network coverage and data limit,” said Lai Shu Wei, P1’s Chief Marketing Officer. Broadband should not be a privilege to any Malaysian, as access to information is a right. Hence, we want to enable these communities so they too can be part of the current trends and technology advancement where information can be accessed at the click of a button,” he added.

This would no longer be an issue now that P1 has expanded their 4G network coverage to these regions, as its residents can subscribe to one of P1’s ‘ToGo Unlimited Broadband’ plans and enjoy 4G network speeds and unlimited mobile data on their smartphones, or other mobile devices.

What’s more, these communities will also be the first to try out P1’s new DX825 modems when they subscribe to any of their ‘ForHome Unlimited Broadband’ packages.

To further sweeten the deal, P1 will be offering a complimentary one-month subscription (with a zero upfront payment promotional discount) to all new subscribers of their 4G network.

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