Paying TNB bill using Boosts, Grabpay, Tng eWallet in Pos Malaysia Mobile Apps

In my previous post regarding how “How To Pay TNB Bills With Boost, GrabPay and TnG eWallet“, I share on how to make the TNB bill payment at the, but just few weeks after my blog get publish, they remove the TNB bill payment option from their portal. Not too sure the reason behind.

After do some research again and found out that there is still have another alternative channel to make TNB bill payment using eWallet, which is using the Pos Malaysia Mobile Apps. Please be aware that the eWallet options only available in their mobile apps, but not their web portal.

I will share few simple steps on how to make the TNB Bill Payment using Pos Malaysia Mobile Apps.

1. Download the Pos Malaysia apps from Google Play Store, Huawei Apps Gallery or Apple Apps Store

2. Login or Sign Up for Pos Malaysia online account if you don’t have the account yet

3. Click on the top left 3 bar icon, then you will see the menu, select the Bill Payment from the list

4. You will be bring to the Bill Payment Page, select the Electricity from the page.

5. Enter your TNB account number and Amount to pay, the bill number is an optional field

6. Once you click on pay bill, it will not actually bring you to the payment page, it will only add your bill payment to the cart, then you can select other bill which you wish to make the payment as well, then checkout everything one shoot

7. Once you click on the checkout, you will be bring over to the payment page, from the payment page, you can select different payment options from the list, include Boosts Wallet, Grabpay Wallet, Touch’nGo Wallet as well as FPX (Online Banking), I select Boosts Wallet and click on proceed.

8. Once you hit the Boosts Payment page, you will be redirect to the Boosts apps that install in your phone to confirm the payment in the Boosts Apps.

9. Once you done the confirmation on your Boosts apps, then you will be redirect back to the Pos Malaysia apps, but for my case, it seem not bring me back to my Pos Malaysia apps, but just pop up another browser to show my Payment Successful.

10. After I open back my Pos Malaysia apps, actually I see the same page on Boosts showing the payment success, I not too sure is the payment gateway problem which not take me back to my Pos Malaysia Apps.

11. You will see the bill payment history in your apps as well.

Actually if not don’t wish to trouble, you can just directly using new myTNB Mobile apps and portal, just in case you want to earn some rebate or coin from the eWallet apps, then you may use the Pos Malaysia mobile apps as your alternative way to pay your TNB bill using the eWallet.

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