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paypal-logoPaypal Fee Calculator is a small and simple tools for you to calculate the amount of money that you going to charge your customer if you want to transfer the finance charges to them.

Paypal fee calculator available in 2 difference mode which are simple mode and advance mode. If you just want to find out how much your customer need to pay to you using the Paypal account without involve any currency convertion, then just enter to the simple mode.

What you need to do is enter finance charges at the bottom of the page, then enter the amount you wish to received at the top of the page. The Paypal calculator will help to you calculate how much you should ask your customer to pay to you in order to get a exactly the amount.

If your calculation involve the currency convertion, just switch it to the advance mode. Fom the advance mode interface, there are a lot of configuration where you can set in order to get more accurate result such as the country where the amount coming from, the country where the payment going to, monthly sales volume, Paypal fee rate, exchange rate and so on.

* Please bear in mind that this application is not provide officially by Paypal, but just a simple tools that help you on the calculation and the result may not 100% accurate but is just for your reference.

Click here to go to Paypal Fee Calculator

Paypal fee calculator in simple mode
Paypal fee calculator in simple mode

Paypal fee calculator in advance mode
Paypal fee calculator in advance mode

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