PeerBlock – IP monitor and blocker

Hacking and attacking of web server or computer over the internet is no longer a new story, whoever connect their device to the internet will be potentially being attack. Normally the attack is done by connecting to your computer or let your computer to connect to certain dangerous web site to download the malware. What can we do to help to reduce the potential risk other than install antivirus is by blocking the communication between our devices


PeerBlock is a type of program known as an “IP Blocker”. IP-addresses are used to identify a computer whenever it connects to the internet. PeerBlock will sit between your computer and ourside world and monitor each of the connection that your computer try to make to as well as any connection that try to make with you.


If any of the IP address that try to communicate with/from are listed in the “known bad” list, than PeerBlock will blocked.


PeerBlock come with a list of pre-defind list of IP for P2P web site, Spyware web site, advertising and data tracker servers, and also Educational institutions and universities. Not only the predefined list available for you to use, you may also get IP list from I-BlockList to either allow it or blocked it from accessing your network.
Other than this, you may also create your own list which can specific to either want to block the IP in the list or always allow the IP in the list.


The most important and beautiful part of PeerBlock is it totally free.


PeerBlock home page

PeerBlock-Setup_v1.1_r518.exe (2084 downloads)


The application home page for PeerBlock


PeerBlock List manager, you can select the predefined list, create a custom list or get the list from


This is where you can create your own defined IP list to either blocked it or allow it


PeerBlock history page which show the blocked and allow IP address, it also provide the function to search for any record in the history list

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