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To have a good and stable computer system, power supply play a very important role.  Because without the stable and powerful power supply, your highend graphic card, ram, harddisk or pocessor cannot work at the max capability.

But most of the time, we don’t know that how much the power needed by our system. This tools is one of the useful tools to help you to solve this issue.


What is Journey Systems Power Supply Calculator?

Journey Systems Power Supply Calculator is the application to help you to calculate the wattages needed by your system. It calculate the wattages at the maximum peak wattage for each of your system component. That mean the result given will be at your system running at peak performent.

Also, one other important factor is the amperage of the +12V rail. A good power supply will have a beefy +12V rail (18A or higher), or even dual +12V rails, as Antec does with their TruePower series. Also, beware that there are many ‘imposter’ power supplies on the market right now.


There are 3 way to check whether the power supply is labeled correctly:

  1. Check the amperage on the +12 rail
  2. Check the price, if the power supply claim that they are 500 watts, the price should be range from RM 350(~USD 90) to RM 500(~USD 140). If the price different is very must, then you should becareful
  3. Get the branded name power supply. Don’t because of saving the small amount of money to get the brandless power supply which will harm your system

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 Journey Systems Power Supply calculator screen shot

Journey Systems Power Supply calculator screen shot

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