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PropertyPlus newest property purchase portal in Malaysia which leveraged the power of group/bulk purchases to get the lower price possible for the property.

PropertyPlus is a portal that their management team comprises experienced individuals in real estate and finance background. Where the major advantage about PropertyPlus is that they gather the power of a group of potential buyer and buying in a bulk.

The aggregation of buyers motivates Developers to offer discounts in view of the bulk sales. PropertyPlus is a win-win proposition because while consumers buy at lower prices, Developers are able to sell their inventory on a bulk basis.

PropertyPlus also provides buyers detailed information of all project listing with total transparency, no mark-up pricing. They also assists buyers in the entire sales process, such as bank loan, documentation, SPA, etc.

Best of all, PropertyPlus is free of charge! No member sign up, no entrance fee, no annual membership fees. It is free! PropertyPlus is NOT a property investment club, therefore they don’t charge any membership fee.

Why should Consumers buy through PropertyPlus?

Bulk Discounts

• PropertyPlus follows the group buying concept and enables like-minded individuals to purchase similar kind of properties. When many people buy together, they allow the developer to sell in large volume at a lower price.

• Hence, we are able to help our buyers secure better pricing when they buy through PropertyPlus than if they were to approach the developer directly. Even in the worst case scenario whereby we manage to sell only 1 unit, the price will be the same as given out by the developer. In conclusion, you have nothing to lose and all to gain!

Transparent Deal

PropertyPlus emphasizes transparency in all the deals we offer. All project information listed on the website is what buyers will get. There is also no mark-up pricing

Full Service Support

PropertyPlus provides buyers detailed information of all project listings. Besides that, we also assist our buyers in the entire sales process i.e. securing bank loan, documentation work, signing SPA, etc. We make the entire sales process as seamless  as possible for our customers

FREE, We Do Not Charge Our Buyers Anything

Investors are not required to sign up as members and do not need to pay any entrance or annual membership fees. Our service is completed FREE of charge!


Visit Property Plus Website for more detail.

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