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Flying or driving down to the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Penang route used to be the order of the day in the past. But this trend is fast changing due to the convenience and value that executive coach travel is offering discerning travelers nowadays. Now Aeroline come into your alternative choice for the method of travel.


Aeroline, the innovative and premier coach service in Malaysia and Singapore which bringing the standards and comfort of air travel to customers to ground travel. Aeroline offers sheer convenience in terms of business travel on the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore / Penang route. Aeroline is a first coach service company in Malaysia which introduced the concept of mobile business lounges on the road, with attentive on-board crew to serve food and drinks and other creature comfort and at the same time, bringing travellers direct to the desired destination with the most cost and time efficient way possible.


Aeroline passengers may takes advantage of the uninterrupted journey time to catch up with work, reading or even getting to know new acquaintances on board. With regulated power supply on board, working on electronic devices for extended uninterrupted periods is a breeze on board Aeroline coaches.


Being the first in the coach industry in Malaysia and Singapore to introduce the online booking concept, Aeroline has set the benchmark in terms of convenience by allowing passengers to book trips, seats, meal preferences, booking hotel room, manage travel itinerary and view detail from the comfort home.


The routes currently serve by Aeroline as per following:

  • Singapore – Kuala Lumpur (Corus Hotel)
  • Singapore – Bandar Utama
  • Singapore – Sunway
  • Singapore – Mines
  • Bandar Utama – Singapore
  • Bandar Utama – Penang
  • Kuala Lumpur (Corus Hotel) – Penang
  • Kuala Lumpur (Corus Hotel) – Singapore
  • Mines – Singapore
  • Sunway – Penang
  • Sunway – Singapore
  • Penang – Kuala Lumpur (Corus Hotel)
  • Penang – Bandar Utama
  • Penang – Sunway

To book the Aeroline ticket, please visit their official web site at http://www.aeroline.com.my

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