Remotely control your iPhone using Veency

There a lot of apps in iPhone that allow you to control your computer remotely, but there’s no any apps that allow you to control your iPhone from your computer but Veency.

Veency is an apps that you can download from Cydia (Only for jailbroken phone) and it’s a fully functional VNS server for the iPhone and it’s allow you to connect from your computer using the VNC viewer. 

(Note for installing: You MUST reboots your phone after it’s installed for the service to start. Then you can connect with a VNC client. This isn’t in the file info.)

I found the Veency very useful when my iPhone is charging in my room or even besides my PC, and I can simply reply or SMS any of my friends using my computer. Where you need to do is just to remember the iPhone IP address.

Overall is a very good idea and cool apps, but I found out one thing that the apps can improve is allow the clipboard sharing between the iPhone and the computer.

How to use Veency on iPhone

1. First, fire up Cydia and install Veency.

2. After installation, you would not find any Veency application icon on home screen. But Veency should be already there.

3. Connecting to Veency requires you to use a VNC client. For Windows user, you can download VNC client from RealVNC. For Mac users, I recommend you use Chicken VNC, which is also free.

4. Here, I’ll use RealVNC as example. For other VNC clients, the connection procedures should be more or less the same. Okay, launch RealVNC.

5. Next, check your iPhone’s IP address. You can find it in “Settings” -> Wifi . Click “>” on your selected Wifi Network to display the IP address (e.g.

6. Back to RealVNC, on the server text box, just enter the iPhone IP Address and click on ok button to connect to your iPhone.

7. You’ll see the iPhone screen on your computer

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