Rumor: Apple to use faster circuit board technology for the Apple Watch and Mac in 2018

Faster and more versatile circuit boards might be coming to the Apple Watch and Mac next year.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared in his latest investor note that Apple is working with manufacturer Career on integrating the new, flexible circuit boards used by the iPhone 8 and iPhone X into the MacBook lineup.

Kuo – “In order to address future hardware form factor design requirements (e.g. saving more internal space) and to keep abreast of potential data transmission spec upgrades (e.g. USB 3.2), we believe Apple is now working with Career, its FPCB supplier for MacBook, in exploring LCP FPCB designs for future MacBook models”.

 The new circuit boards are made from liquid crystal polymer and offers high-speed, low-latency data transfer. In addition, these circuit boards can help Apple save significant amount of internal space, and makes it easier to adopt USB 3.2 and other I/O connections. As for the Apple Watch, the new circuit boards will deliver a more stable frequency signal transmission for the LTE models. They are also more resistant to heat and moisture.

Due to the technical challenges in designing and producing these circuit boards, Apple is likely to have a one-year jumpstart and competitors will only be able to follow suit in 2019.

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