Russia has vending machines that are selling fake Instagram likes

Why bother tediously flooding the caption of your Instagram photos with a million hashtags just to attract more likes, when you can easily achieve the same objective by sparing some pocket change instead?

This is exactly the rationale behind vending machines such as the one above, which dispenses Instagram likes instead of chilled beverages. For a very reasonable sum of 50 Russian rubles (approx. RM3.75), you will be able to purchase yourself 100 likes on Instagram! Because likes are fleeting and followers are forever, you can also purchase 100 Instagram followers for an equally affordable price of 100 Russian rubles (approx. RM7.50).

Apart from dishing out Instagram likes and followers, the vending machine – which can be found in the Okhotny Ryad shopping center in downtown Moscow – can also capture selfies on the spot, and print out your Instagram photos.

While speaking to Motherboard, the manufacturer of the vending machine, Snatap, mentioned that there are more than 20 of these machines scattered throughout Russia, and a handful of them in countries like Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Interestingly, those of you who thrive on Instagram likes like how plants survive on sunlight can actually rent the vending machine for an unspecified period of time for 14,000 rubles (approx. RM1,049).

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