Search Engine Spider Simulator

webconfs-logoAre you know how your web site/blog actually look like from the eyes of Search Engine Spider? What are they see, what are they don’t see?

Actually there are a lot of content and link on the webpage may or may not visible to the Search Engine. Some of them are Flash base content, content generated through javascript, content display as images without the title or alt tag. Besides that, frames are also another killer for the SEO ranking.

This SEO tools (Search Engine Spider Simulator) actually simulate as a search engine spider and will display the contents of a webpage which exactly how the Search Engine would see.

This tools also display the link which will be followed by the search engine spider when they visit your webpage.

So you may fine tune your web page to optimize for SEO. Just visit this page and key in your web site URL and it will display the detail that the Search Engine Spider actually see.

Click here for more detail on Search Engine Spider
Click here to go to Search Engine Simulator

Search engine spider simulator screen shot
Search engine spider simulator screen shot

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