Selangor Cyber Games has a prize pool of over RM350,000

To all eSports fans, the Selangor Cyber Games 2016 is three weeks away, happening from September 9 to September 11. It will be held at One City Mall, Subang Jaya, and will see gamers from Southeast Asia as well as China competing for fame and fortune.



So what’s on schedule this time around? Eight tournaments, with a total prize pool of over RM350,000 (at the time of writing, since some of the cash prizes will be given in U.S. dollars). Here’s the list of the tournaments with their individual prize pools:

MPGL SEA Championship (Dota 2) – $50, 000 USD (approx. RM200,200)
Selangor Cyber Games League of Legends Cup – $15, 000 USD (approx. RM60,060)
SCG Amateur Dota 2 Cup – RM20, 000
SCG CS:GO Cup – RM20, 000
SCG FIFA 16 Cup – RM20, 000
SCG Hearthstone Cup – RM10, 000
SCG Street Fighter V Cup – RM10, 000
SCG Clash Royale Cup – RM10, 000
That’s right, even the mobile game Clash Royale is being featured. But more importantly, the MPGL Dota 2 tourney will also be part of the Selangor Cyber Games of 2016. It will be hosted by Eri Neeman, while also featuring casters Godz, WinteR, ODpixel, Sheever, Flava, and Danelie from eGG. You can catch the games live on eGG (Astro channel 808) and Twitch.

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