Sending free SMS from YM

Recently start to use the Yahoo Messenger as my girlfriend just change to a new company which only allows Yahoo Messenger but not MSN. In the mean time, I found out that that’s cool functions may attract your interest which is sending the free SMS from the YM to any phone of the world.

This service is totally free and you may send from the computer version of YM or iPhone version of YM. For iPhone user, you may download the YM apps from the apple apps store

To send the SMS in iPhone, just login to the YM in your phone and create a contact by adding the mobile number from your phone book, or just compose a new message by entering the phone number of your recipient.

“When you send an SMS message from Yahoo! Messenger, replies from your friends come back to you in Messenger, making it a quick and convenient way to chat with your friends when they’re not online. This feature is available in all of our versions – 9.0 for Windows, Messenger for Mac, Yahoo! Messenger for the Web, iPhone and even in the chat features in Yahoo! Mail,” Product Manager Sarah Bacon explains.


    1. David 03/01/2013 at 7:27 pm

      Welcome. If you found out any more interesting way to do the same thing, please share with me also.

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