SEO Smart Links – Create the intra site link easily

seo-smart-link-logoThe intra site link is one of the important criteria that may help you to increase your search result ranking. You may link your keyword by your self manually to achive that purpose, but it may be very troublesome for you if you have a lot of post that inter related to each other.

SEO Smart Links may help you to solve this problem where it help you to automatically create the link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with the corresponding posts, pages, categories, and tags on your blog.

SEO Smart Links also allow you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs. Not only that, you may also set nofollow attribute and whether to open the link in the new window.

It really save you time a lot to create the link manually. Now, with SEO Smart Link you only need to edit the options from the administration settings panel and everything done by the plugin for you transparently.


  • Find keywords in your posts, pages and comments and link them to your other posts, pages, categories and tags
  • Full control with customizable options
  • Ignore list for keywords you do not want to link
  • Improves your site’s interlinking
  • Control external links with custom keywords
  • Add nofollw attribute or open links in new window

Click here to download SEO Smart Links

SEO smart link screen shot
SEO smart link screen shot

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