Shopback offering cash back on Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet reload

Shopback – the reward base company is now offering the cash back for your Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet reload via their apps.

Basically for the cash back rewarding event, there are 2 main categories:

  • For the current Touch ‘n Go user, you will get a RM 3 cash back per calendar month when you top up your e-wallet with the minimum amount of RM 10.
  • For those newly registered user with first reload (minimum of RM10) made within the same day will be get RM 10 cash back per calendar month.

For example: User A registered & made first reload in January. User A gets RM10 cashback. Subsequent reloads in January will not be eligible for cashback. Cashback will be redeemable within 60 days from the day of reload

From now on, we will see more and more cashless application and service available in the market as our government had announced in the Malaysia budget 2020 to encourage more cashless transaction in the country, I believe there will be more goodies to be given out from those e-wallet company in order to acquired more user onto their platform. So as a end user, we should keep looking and never miss out any goodies which given by those company. I believe that when the market start to saturate, than you will not see much goodies such as cashback available for you anymore.

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