17 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To

1. You become the computer repair guy. Truth: Most of the time you just Google the problem. 2. You suddenly forget how to code because… Stack Overflow is down. 3. When you change one line of code. Advertisement 4. When you try to solve a bug. 5. End user have no idea…

9 Things Developers Hate to Hear

1. Uh oh…No one likes hearing this – not parents, not repairmen, not developers. They don’t like hearing others say it, and they don’t like hearing it come out of their own mouths. It usually means bugs.    2. Can you fix my computer?This question is the bane of all…

RAID concept in the real life

This is the most easy way to understand what is RAID and how’s to referencing the difference RAID technology

Are you living in the Internet infinity loop?

Most of the internet user are stuck in the following infinite loop, are you? .