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How to install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

Docker getting popular nowadays in the software development world, where it’s provide more better way to utilize and control the server resources to run our application. Not only that, it’s also provide the streamline in our development environment, staging environment until production environment, we can make sure that the code that develop in the development…

Tips for setting up directory alias on FileZilla FTP Server

Filezilla FTP Server is one of the most famous and open source FTP server software which allow you to install and host your own FTP server. The beauty of the application is it totally free of charge, but the sad part is Filezilla FTP Server is not come with any…

Windows Server 2008 Configuration Check List

This is the first time that I actually come into deep on Microsoft Window Server 2008 RS Enterprise Edition setup after the fresh installation done. There are about 10 new machines that I need to configure with, so initially I plan to come out with my own checklist, but finally…

How to create a lyrics for the MP3 song

There is a reader asking about how to create the Lyrics and uploaded to Kuwo. The following is the simple step how to create a lyrics file and how to upload it to Kuwo. tech.david-cheong.com Before we start create the lyrics file, let’s understand what actually the lyrics file is.…

Should one build a Site Using Subdomains or Subdirectories? Google Answers!

The head of Google’s webspam team talks about Google view on subdomains- is there any difference for Google between sites set up as group of subdomains or as a group of subdirectories. Here is the video:

Infographic: How Does Twitter Make Money? How Do Other Social Sites Do It?

How the social sites like twitter make money? how they trun the followers into profit? here’s a quick look at which revenue stream help major social networking companies go from social service to successful business

What’s the Business Model of Tech Companies?

How to Internet companies make money when the product is free?   Have you ever wondered how for-profit technology companies make money when they aren’t charging users a penny for the basic service? Are they following the freemium business model or is advertising the main source of revenue? Is the…

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