TED Notepad: A free Notepad alternative for power users

The latest version of TED Notepad definitely merits a check-out. This free Notepad alternative is small, quick and boasts of many new unique features. TED Notepad v6 is a chrome-less free notepad replacement, which offers 312 text-processing functions, innovative features and time-saving tools. All of them on hotkeys, designed for quick advanced editing.

This light-weight portable text editor fits on any USB flash disk and loads instantly with no installation required.

Targeted at advanced Notepad users, it has a large variety of features, settings and text-processing tools that could bring your typing, text-working or coding to the next level:

Its several innovative auto-completions and advanced and automated clipboarding features really enhance its utility.

Free Notepad replacement for Windows 7

Once you download this file, you can save it in your Program folder and create its shortcut in your start menu or desktop for easy access.

If you want, you can also replace the default Notepad with this application. To do so, rename the downloaded application as notepad.exe. Now back up the original notepad.exe situated in the System32 folder to a safe location for possible future use. Next replace the original notepad.exe with this application. Windows 7 will not let you do so easily as it is a system file, but you can read the procedure on how to go about doing it on the website.

If you are a Notepad power user, this is the swiss-army-knife text editor you may just be looking for. It has so many features, that the developer confidently states on his website that you’ll never learn them all!

Head over to its home page to learn more, see the full feature list and download it.

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