The Opera web browser now has free VPN capabilities


Opera has just announced that the latest developer version of its browser will feature an integrated VPN client that’s completely free and unlimited to use.

Opera said that the decision behind this move was to improve the security of its users. By using the VPN, users can shield their browsing habits and data from snoopers when using public Wi-Fi. Using a VPN will also mask users’ IP address and allow users to bypass website restrictions, such as accessing content that they are normally unable to from their office or country.

To enable this feature, simply go to the “Settings” on Windows or “Preferences” on Mac, and turn on VPN in the “Privacy & security” tab.

Take note though, this new VPN feature is available only in latest developer version of Opera. That said, Opera plans to offer it on the public release version of their browser app in the near future.

To download the latest developer version of Opera, click here.

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