The Seabubbles water taxi aims to be the future of public transportation

Public transportation is set to be revolutionized yet again thanks to Seabubbles, whose goal is to be the water taxi equivalent of Uber. Its prototype was unveiled at the Viva Tech Conference in Paris, and its design resembles a futuristic egg.


Founders Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal are working to raise 20 to 30 million Euros (approx. RM95 to RM143 million) to turn their concept into a reality. Apart from greatly reducing road traffic, these water taxis are 100 percent electric and emit no CO2, utilizing a battery system that runs on clean energy. There is also a self-charging dock which also ensures the cleanliness of the waterways. Similar with Uber, Seabubbles will have its own mobile app that riders can use to book rides online.


The current version of the Bubble has five seats, inclusive of the pilot seat. The Bubbles are designed to prevent seasickness alongside producing zero noise and zero waves. The taxis were created as a joint effort between the car industry, the nautical industry and the aeronautic industry. They will begin their demo roll-out in selected cities next year.


You can check out the company’s site for more information on Seabubbles.


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