Tips for setting up directory alias on FileZilla FTP Server

Filezilla FTP Server is one of the most famous and open source FTP server software which allow you to install and host your own FTP server. The beauty of the application is it totally free of charge, but the sad part is Filezilla FTP Server is not come with any official documentation. You need to learn and discover it through the forum or blog post by other user.

I try to figure out on how to set the folder alias due to the request from the client, I keep reading on the instruction on the Filezilla FTP server setting page, it’s misleading me on the setting part and I end up with fail to setup my alias.

After Google my problem and found the solution on it, the following is the step on how to setting up the Filezilla FTP directory alias:

  1.  Start Filezilla server interface, click the user/group button on the menu bar, create a user/group if you don’t have one already.

    Start up the FileZilla Server Admin

  2. Shared folders from the left panel, and select a user/group from the right panel
    Create a new user and set the password


  3. in the middle panel you can add a few different directories pointing to wherever you want, but if you try to log onto your FTP server now, you will only see the root directory. All other directories are hidden from you since you haven’t added any aliases yet.
  4. Right click one of the directories other than home directory (denoted by a leading H) and choose Edit Aliases from popup menu. In Enter Directory Alias dialog enter the alias for that directory with a leading slash “/”. For example, /pub or /etc.
        • Note: The slash symbol is very important as I stuck here for very long time before I found out.
        • Note: Don’t try to create nested aliases such as /pub/documents/engineering, this not work in most of the FTP clients
        • Note: the alias cannot contain any space

    Select the folder which other than the home directory

    Add the aliases name

  5. Login to the FTP server using any of your favorites FTP clients
    try to access the FTP server

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