TM Unifi special promotion on 30mbps and 50mbps with reasonable price

TM start to offering the faster Unifi with the 30mbps and 50mbps with reasonable price for residential customer. Apart from being speedier than the existing maximum speed of 20Mbps, the monthly fees for some of these new residential packages seem to be cheaper than the existing 20Mbps offerings from TM.


The new promotion package come with 2 years contract for existing or new customer with free equitment provider including the Free Unifi modem, wireless telephone set, free wireless router and also free Set Top Box (HyppTV). For the package, you may need to choose from the following 3 HyppTV package:

  1. HyppTV Aneka/HyppTV Varnam Pack (Malay and Indian programme)
  2. HyppTV Ruby Pack (Chinese programme)
  3. HyppTV Jumbo Pack (English programme)


TM also provided the amazing add-ons to their customer such as :

  1. 50mbps speed download
  2. P1 ToGo Plan
  3. Voice Pack
  4. Security & Surveillance package
  5. Home Gadget Protection (Insurance for your home gadget)


unifi 2 unifi 1


I was on 5mbps Unifi package for many years and upgrade to the 30mbps package with HyppTV Ruby Pack which cost me RM 189 per month excluding the 6% of GST, it just take about less than 24 hours to upgrade me to the new package with the new and higher speed.


Speed Test


For the first few days after I upgrade my home Unifi to 30mbps, I not actually getting the speed as per promise, but after few call to log the complaint to their customer service, finally I get back the speed that as per promote in their package. Another thing that you should be aware before you upgrade the package where the 30mbps only valid for download speed, the upload speed still remain at 5mbps unless you update to the 50mbps, you will get the 10mbps upload speed. But for my personal home use purpose where 30mbps download and 5mbps upload speed is more than enough for me at the moment.


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