TNB new myTNB portal and mobile apps

Tenaga Nation Berhad (TNB) just launch their all new mobile apps myTNB Apps(New) apps as well as new web site call myTNB for you to monitor closely you electricity bill as well as apply for any new application, get to know when and where the supply interruption will happen and so on. The main focus for the new launch apps is you can easily manage, view and pay your electric bill on the go, never miss out any payment for your bill any more. At the same time, the myTNB apps will send you an notification when your bill is due, which help to remind me to make payment as I always missed out the bill payment. You can always view your past bill in the apps up to 6 months time.


TNB will maintain the both old (Red Icon) and new apps (Blue Icon) in the store during the transition period where you can still maintain your current apps while try to learn and pickup the new launched apps, they will maintain these 2 apps until further notice.

The following are some of the features which come with the myTNB Apps:

  • In-App Registration: SMS Verification
  • Account Management: No More Manual Linking
  • Home: Interactive Dashboard
  • Payment: Seamless In-App & Secure Payment
  • Intuitive Feedback Submission
  • Personalised In-App Notifications
  • Find Us: Kedai Tenaga Locator
  • Help & Support
  • Promotions


The previous version of TNB E-Service was launch around year 2011 and you can refer to my previous blog about the TNB E-Service and make the comparison on the change of the new portal, which to my personal view, they did a very good job to enhance their portal and focus so much on the user friendliness.

As a web developer, I spend most of my working hour in front of my laptop, with this apps and new portal, I can easily check my bill and pay my bill on time. I do hope that all Malaysia either government or none-government portal can put it online and more easily for the people to dealing with the government body especially those front counter just operate during the working hours only.


Download myTNB (New) Apple apps

Download myTNB (New) Android Apps

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