Top 5 Must Have PHP frameworks in 2017


“PHP is one of the most accessible and easiest Web programming languages available”, said Josh Lockhart who is a web developer and a well-known author at new Media Campaigns. PHP is the stand-out and famous web programming language amongst all other because of its characteristics. It allows building the easiest and the most complex websites and web apps, both! PHP is an open-source, secure and server-side scripting language. The ease of use feature of PHP frameworks makes developers stick with this language.


Here is Top 5 Must Have PHP frameworks in 2017:


Symfony allows the developers to build high-performance and scalable web applications. This PHP framework is a set of reusable PHP elements. Symfony APIs enable secure integration with third party applications. This framework is mostly used with AngularJS.



This is the framework which wins everyone’s heart by offering an excellent community. Laravel is known as “PHP framework for Web Artisans”. It leaves the whole architecture open for all third party plugins and this is the main reason why Laravel is the highly recommended framework amongst others.



This PHP framework provides reliable and fast development solutions. The version gets updated day by day with improvement in modularity. It allows the developer to create more and more standalone libraries. This is known as the best framework as it provides high-level security to Web applications.



CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework with some attractive features. The installation of CodeIgniter is straightforward with the minimal configuration. This is the second best PHP framework and an exemplary choice for the developers.



This PHP framework is mainly employed by the big business association. Zend is recommended for complex projects rather than small ones. It has some interesting features such as easy-to-use drag and drop editor and cryptographic coding tools.


These are some of the best and must have PHP framework one should use for building an extra-ordinary, best-in-class Web applications.

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