Upgrading internet connection from 512 kbps to 1mbps

streamyx_logoFinally I managed to upgrade the broadband connection after 3 years of using the 512kbps speed. I went for the TM point last 2 weeks to request for the upgrade.

But due to the Malaysia cultural where most of the staff work like the speed of turtle, so I rather turn to go to their self care portal to do the upgrading process by my self.

Yesterday try to called to their customer service center to check the status and has been told that the upgrade process done successfully, but yet I’m still getting the same “slow” speed of connection.

So try to restart to ADSL router and try to measure the speed again, thanks god, now my connection is no longer 512kbps, but is 1189kbps.

Is time for my computer to work hard day and night to done the downloading job for me…

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This is the speed test result that I get after restarting my ASDL rounter

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