What is bounce rate to do with SEO?

bounce-rateAccording to Google, the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits at your website and the visitor left your site from the entrace page without contribue any single click.

Google is using this metric to measure the visit quality. The higher bounce rate generally indicated that the site entrace page aren’t relevant to your visitor. So the more relavent your page content with the keyword, you may keep them to stay at your page with a longer time.

What to do with the Bounce Rate with Google Ranking?

From the Google defination, Google actually look at the bounce rate very seriously when they are ranking your page.So if you page contain the keyword with the high bounce rate, Google will lower your page ranking for that particular keyword. This is because your page content is none related to that particular keyword.

On average, the bounce rate around 50% is consider normal.

How to reduce the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is a value helping you to measure the quality of your website traffic. By analyzing the bounce rate (using the free tools such as Google Analytics), you are able to to fix the problem of your web pages and ultimately increase your website traffic.


A high bounce rate is usually a sign of low quality website traffic or low quality web pages content. It means that the web page doesn’t offer what the visitor is looking for or you simply bring in those traffic which do not really searching for information and they purely jumping from website to website.

So, at the end of the day, the content is still the most important for any web site whether is blog or content site. Because the reader come to your site is for the quality content at your website. But also bear in mind that the design of your web site may also increase your reader interest to stay at your page, do monify your web page design to helping you in maintain your reader to stay at your page.


Last but not lease, by lowering the bounce rate at your web page, you will directly get the quality traffic at your page and also from the search engine. This will also turn into the higher conversion rate (sales or subscription).


* Google analytics is a very good and free tools for you to monitor your traffic and bounce rate at your site

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    Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important marketing factor?

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