What is more important then SEO?


We also found the blog post on SEO, but what is more important then SEO where every site owner/webmaster should be take into consideration before you start your SEO journey for your web blog or web site?

The answer is Web Hosting.

The main objective for doing SEO is to increase our traffic, attract more and more reader come to our site to read our content, by that, you may increase your ad revenue. No matter how good you did your SEO job and you get a very good ranking in the search engine result page, but without the uptime reliable hosting it mean nothing.

Can you try to imagine that if your reader come to your site and hoping to get some interested topic or content, but they are keep getting the error message of server down, server too busy, page not found. What will your reader think? Will them visit again? Will them introduce your site to other?

Besides that, bandwidth is another question for the site owner. When you start your new site, you will not feel the pain of the heavy traffic. If your traffic increase, then your site will go down very frequently. By that, you lost your valueable reader again.

The other important issue is the disk space. For a blog site, you actually don’t need too much of disk space. The hosting package that provide your around 50MB – 100MB will be more then enought for you. Unless you get more space bit with the same price then will be fine. I believe most of the hosting company do provide the facilities for you to upgrade your package from time to time.

Do communicate with the hosting company and check with them where is the server located. Try to get the datacenter as close as your target reader as possible. This can maintain your web site speed and also the uptime.

Last but not lease, every site owner or webmaster, please bear in maid that do more research on the package, hosting company that you are going to sign up with. Do some comparison on the package provided before you start your long journey on SEO.

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