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wikimapia-logoWikimapia is a useful web 2.0 portal which their main idea is to “describe the whole planet Earth”. Wikimapia was created by founder Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev inspired by Google Maps and Wikipedia. This is a very good idea for all the Internet user especially for those who are always travel or who have no money to travel around.

For the frequence traveller, you may get your detination path via Wikimapia. In the other hand, for those people like me who have insufficiance fund to travel around the world yet still dreaming of travel, then wikimapia may help you to fulfil your dream.

The best part of Wikimapia is every people in the world may help to place the location, so that other people may meet find and meet the location easily. Besides map the place on the Earth, you may also capture the photo, add the description, title in order to help to describe the world better.

It also provide few useful features such as you may view the location in the Map View, Setellite View, terrain view or hybrid. You may also filter out the place highligh by other poeple while you are enjoining your “world jouney”. 


Another useful features is “map to your page”, you may just select the place you want to show and map it in your page. Wikimapia will provide you the HTML code to copy and paste into the location where you wish the map to show on.

Nearest view from the setellite view
Nearest view from the setellite view


I do benefit a lot from Wikimapia as I’m always travel around for my food hunting journey. Whenever I get the location from some body, the first place I will check is Google + Wikimapia. Besides that, I also able to find out where is actually some of my friend or net friend location who are currently stay at oversea. Last by not lease, wikimapia help me a lot for my Bali trip planning in March 2009 .

Hope that all the people around the world may contribute to this web site and it will benefit all other people around the world to know your place better.

Click here to go to Wikimapia

Wikimapia toolbar screenshot
Wikimapia toolbar screenshot

KLCC Detail description and photo you may get from wikimapia
KLCC Detail description and photo you may get from wikimapia


  1. Ildar Sagdejev 23/07/2009 at 11:24 pm

    There are some unfortunate news about Wikimapia. The unfinished Beta version was brutally forced upon the users, the classic interface you describe here was removed, and many active in the community left:

    Protests ensued, which was answered by censorship and banning of valuable users. We ran a petition to release Wikimapia as Free Software and Free Content:

    And as a result of the inadequacies of the system, we now have a Free Software Firefox add-on with lots of improvements over Wikimapia:

  2. paul.t.jacob 21/04/2011 at 3:42 pm

    wikimapia is very intresting.i had just joined two days back.commendable works .i would like to know wo all are behind it.also like to know whether wikipedia ,wikimapia and google is coming out of same brain?

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