Wikimapia now on your mobile

Wikimapia introduced their first mobile version of interface. To use Wikimapia on your mobile phone go to and the mobile version of the site will open automatically.

The current Wikimapia mobile version is read-only yet, which means you can only browse through Wikimapia data from the map, use search and see places around you. Another useful feature is geolocation, that helps to orientate yourself and shows all places around your location.

Launching the mobile version of Wikimapia is marking the beginning for Wikimapia towards the support of mobile devices and the moment when it will be possible to add and edit places in real time, looking right at them.
I use a lot of wikimapia in the previous day before I bought my first iphone and before I actually know about Again, with the new mobile version of interface, Wikimapia reach another milestone for their product and we looking forward for more amazing features available in the near future

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