Window 7 officially annouce in Malaysia

window 7 logoFinally Window 7 beta has been officially announce in Malaysia yesterday (6 Jan 2009) after the announcement make at CES by Steve Ballmer few days ago.

Microsoft emphasised on backwards compatibility for end-user, as they demoed the Microsoft Word 97 being able to run Windows 7. Several UI improvements such as the intelligent show desktop key- hovering over it will hide the opened windows but not close them down (the outline of the windows can still be seen). Internet Explorer 8 will also come bundled with Windows 7.  

Windows 7 also sees improvement for software developers and server administrators.  

The beta version of Windows 7, Microsoft’s next-generation PC operating system, can be downloaded today by MSDN, TechBeta and TechNet customers. Consumers who want to test-drive the beta will be able to download it beginning January 9 at  

Microsoft execs refused to confirm a release date, but hinted that the Windows 7 could be released on 2010.

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