WinTask – The ultimate automation software and task scheduler

wintask-logoWinTask is a softoward the allow you to create the automation softwre and task schdeuler. You may use it as the tools to test out your software or doing something else such as automated clicking on the screen base on the schedule.

You can easily setup your playback without any programming skill needed. What you need to do is just to run the automated marcro recording tools to capturing all keystrokes and also mouse click, then the tools will help you to generate script automactically.

You may also customize the script generated on the buildin script eidtor tools. The powerful Scheduler functionality can help you automate everything just only some setting.

How WinTask Work?

  1. Just turn on the recording mode and perform the task that you want to automate, then WinTask will help you to create the Script base on the recorded keystrokes, object selections, windows and web functions.
  2. Turn off the recording mode, name the script and save it
  3. Replay the script to perform the task

Click here to go to WinTask
Click here to download WinTask
Click here to view the flash demo for WinTask

WinTask recording screen shot
WinTask recording screen shot

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