WordPress XML Sitemap Generator – Generate your sitemap easily

Sitemap LogoSitemap play a very important role in the world of SEO, so it is a much has component for your wordpress. But most of us are not really familiar with what is sitemap, how it look like and how to generate it. 

Thank to the Arne Brachhold with the wonderful XML sitemap Generator for wordpress, now you no need to worry how to generate sitemap.

The XML sitemap that generate by this plugin are compliant with the format use by Ask.com, Google, Yahoo and also MSN Search.

Another best part of this plugin is it will help you to generate your sitemap automatically and will submit it to the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and also MSN Search. You just need to configure how you want your sitemap to include, what to exclude, the location of the sitemap, that’s all.

Click here to go to XML Sitemap Generator home page
Click here to download XML Sitemap Generator for wordpress > 2.1 (recommended)
Click here to download XML Sitemap Generator for wordpress < 2.1 (discontinued)

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