WorldKoins is an app that converts leftover currency into digital eGift cards

A new mobile app called WorldKoins was introduced in collaboration with AirAsia, which fundamentally lets travelers convert their remaining currency to eGift cards and vouchers that can be used to shop online from their smartphones. The service is a six-months pilot program that will end in April 2018 and will be available to all travelers flying onboard selected flights from Kuala Lumpur.

Travelers are able to convert Malaysian Ringgit denominated currency into WorldKoins credits to shop with participating sellers such as iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, Lazada, Skype and Grab. While there’s no mention of it, the promotional image above seems to suggest that Sony PlayStation is also a participating vendor.

Flyers also have the freedom to transfer their leftover currency to PayPal or contribute to selected charities.

Co-founder of WorldKoins Martjin Langhout says that now passengers can make full use of their leftover currency, especially smaller amounts, as it is usually difficult to exchange low amounts at money changers.

During selected flights, Air Asia crew will notify passengers on the availability of the service as well as assisting them to register. Travelers will receive an SMS for account activation and will be able to make transactions on the WorldKoins app after 72 hours. Selected flights with the available service are AK coded.

WorldKoins intends to expand its network of partners with commercial traveler facing businesses in the travel, airline, airport and tourism operation industries. The mobile app is already available on iOS and Android.

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