WP-DB-Backup – Database backup for your wordpress

database-backupWP-DB-Backup, one of the first administration plugin that I install for my blog after I read through some of the wordpress Guru blog.

This is a very important plugin as for my perosnla view where I don’t believe that you can be if you lost your blog post in one day.

WP-DB-Backup do provide a very flexible features for you to backup to database, after you install the plugin, you can find the “Backup” link in the Tools panel. From the wp-db-backup control panel you can select which table of your database to be backup.

After select the table to backup, you choose to run the backup immediately by storing the backup copy to the server, download to your computer or send to an email as you set it.

The immediate backup is just backup it once, what I strongly recomanded to you is to scheduled the backup. For my blog, I schedule the backup to run once a day and forward the backup copy to one of my email.

Click here to download WP-DB-Backup

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