YouTube creators will need at least 10,000 views to monetize their videos

All you aspiring YouTube content creators might want to take note of the updates that YouTube has recently made to its Partner Program.

For starters, from today onwards, YouTubers will need to have 10,000 views on their channel before ads will be displayed on their videos. Essentially, this means content creators will only be able to make money off their videos after their channel has accumulated 10,000 views in total.

In a blog post published earlier today, Ariel Bardin, the Vice President of Product Management at YouTube said that the new ruling will “give [them] enough information to determine the validity of a channel,” such as whether or not the content of the channel is abiding by their community guidelines and advertiser policies.

This would hopefully put an end to bogus channels stealing and re-uploading the content of other YouTubers as their own to make a quick buck.

In addition, YouTube will also be rolling out a review process for new creators who have applied to be in its Partner Program. Once the channel has reached the stipulated 10,000 views, the content of their videos will be screened in accordance with YouTube’s policies. If all goes well, the channel will be included in the Partner Program and will be served with ads for monetization.

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