Youtube Hacking

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Have you even thinking of one start to play the youtube video not from the begining of the clip but just some where in the middle? Maybe the first 2 minutes is just a spaming ad by the author, the main content only start at the time of 2.01 minutes.


Now with Splicd, you may do that. It allow you to customize the starting time and the ending time for the youtube movie clip that you select. Just copy and paste the movie clip URL and enter the starting time and ending time.


you may be another alternative solution where just add #t=30s at the end of the video URL if you with to start the video clip at the 30 seconds.


Add #t=1m23s to the end of the video url if to let the video to start plat at 1 minutes and 23 seconds.


Your URL will look like this



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